New Riff 15 Year Relief Straight Bourbon Whiskey

How to Purchase Step by Step

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We are using our whiskey club web platform in order to execute this sale online. That means in order to purchase you will need to sign up for an account, if you are not already a New Riff Whiskey Club Member. It is free to join, and we never send solicitations or share your information. 

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3. Check out: During the sale, once you are logged in, add the bottle to your cart and head to check out. All purchases are limited 1 bottle per person. 

4. Expect Delay in Check out: We expect a very high demand for this limited bottling. It is possible that the check out process will time out or slow down. You may put a bottle in your cart, which is then sold before you are able to check out. All orders are taken on a first come first serve basis, but we do expect for the demand to be much higher than the supply. 

5. Select pick up time at check out: All purchases must be picked up in-person at New Riff Distilling within 60 days. Any orders that are not picked up within those 60 days will be forfeited and considered a donation. You will be able to select a time to pick up during check out.

More about our Whiskey Club

In order to execute the online sale of this limited bottling, we are using our New Riff Whiskey Club web platform. However, this bottle is not a whiskey club release, it is a very special product for a very special purpose.

Outside of the extraordinary sale this week, our whiskey club is building a community of Bourbon, Rye, and whiskey lovers, eager to explore our riff on Kentucky’s whiskey traditions. The NRWC provides early notice and online access to pre purchase seasonal releases of our highly allocated spirits. Twice a year these spirits will be available for pre purchase online, with pick up at the distillery shop (no shipping). It’s free to join, first come first serve, with no obligation to purchase, ever!

By purchasing a 15 year relief bottling you will be signing up for the Whiskey Club. You will only hear from us with notice of special releases from the Distillery.



How much is available?
We have a limited number of bottles available, four barrels worth, between 800-900 bottles, and thus we have limited purchases to one bottle per person. We will be utilizing our Whiskey Club platform to ensure the most fair and efficient way to check out. We do expect a much higher demand than supply and ask for your patience and understanding if you are unable to purchase a bottle.

Where is it available?
In order to leverage the greatest possible donation for our bar and restaurant community the online sale will be the only place to purchase these bottles. 

How does the donation work

When you purchase a bottle, 100% of the profit will be donated to relief funds for those affected by the covid pandemic in the bar and restaurant industry in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. We expect to donate over $120,000.

$150 of each purchase will be tax deductible. $75 going to the NKY Chamber Foundation, and $75 going to the Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation, both 501(c)(3)'s.

Where is the money going?

100% of the tax deductible donation will be distributed directly to individuals through The NKY Chamber on the Kentucky side of the river, and the Ohio Restaurant Employee Relief Fund on the Ohio Side. If you would like to apply to relief funds through either organization please visit the links below.

What is in the bottle?
We have kept a handful of favorite older barrels of Straight Bourbon that we purchased from LDI in Indiana many years ago in our warehouses for something that might come up “later.” Our team never planned on what exactly we would do with these few aging barrels, but as the Covid pandemic has intensified and dragged on creating such hardship for our "brothers and sisters" in the on premise, we felt this was the moment to break them out of the warehouse and put them to what we know will be their highest and best use. 

The four barrels blended here are 15 years old and bottled in bond and without chill filtration

Tasting note: A deep aroma of savory, sappy, burnished-polished oak greets the nose, dusted with baked confection and a slow development of rye and wood-derived spice. A splash of water unlocks greater resolution and details of fruit skin and, in time, a bit more rye. The palate enters dryish and medium-full, quickly picking up the rye theme with clove alongside the fruit element. There’s wood and tannin here, to be sure, but it’s remarkably fresh and juicy given the age. The finish: my goodness, it’s positively sizzling with rye-derived notes of clove, grain of paradise, pink peppercorn, sarsaparilla, spearmint, all dovetailed in fine length and sustain. This fully mature, well-balanced 15-year-old Bourbon whiskey manifestly demonstrates the ability of the Lawrenceburg, Indiana distillate to age with the best of them from the state to the south. —Jay Erisman

We hope this rich, warm, fifteen year old Bourbon will find a home on your bar, and with your purchase offer direct relief to so many of our friends, colleagues, and partners in the bar and restaurant community here in Greater Cincinnati who need and deserve our help.

How do I pick up?
All purchases must be picked up in person at New Riff Distillery at scheduled appointment times. You will be able to select your pick up time at checkout. We will allow purchases to designate someone else to pick up on their behalf at checkout. No bottles will be shipped. Any orders that go unclaimed after 60 days will be forfeited and considered a donation.

Do you ship?
No. All bottles must be picked up in person. 

Can I find it in my state?
In order to leverage the greatest possible donation for our bar and restaurant community the online sale with in-person pick up at New Riff in Newport, Kentucky will be the only place to purchase these bottles.

NRWC Fine Print

Club membership does not guarantee availability. Members will be given notice on the published timeline and all editions will be limited per person. Editions will be first come first serve during online sale, which we anticipate will sell out quickly. Club members, or their designee will have 60 days from time of online sale to pick up their purchase in store, shipping is not allowed. If items are not picked up within 60 days, they will be automatically refunded and your purchase will be forfeited. All communication in regard to NRWC will be conducted via email, it is the responsibility of the member alone to keep their contact information up to date. NRWC members will be able to update their contact information through the website. Must be 21 years of age to purchase.